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It's Easy Eating Green!

A group of 4 young entrepreneurs join the progressive ventures springing up in lower Manhattan, when they decide to open a 97% green restaurant in Battery Park.

Daily Fix: This Week in Music!

Here's a wrap up of music news for the week with Current's Daily Fix.  One of the rumors/news I was particularly shocked by is the announcement that musician Will.i.am will produce an upcoming U2 Album.  I'm a huge U2 fan and I haven't heard anything from the official and underground (fan base) channels yet, so I am still shocked about that announcement.  Check out the Fix for other exciting news on the music front.

Why are women crazy about vampires?

This latest episode of Target Women talks about women and vampires and why they go for the "bad guy."

What about men? I like vampires too -- female ones. What does that mean for me?!


The H-Bomb

Here's a look at H-Bomb, one of the hottest and much talked about student-run magazines at Harvard University.

The Female Grim Reaper!?

Ever heard of a female grim reaper? In Mexico, there's worship of a Saint called "Santa Muerte," also known as the Holy Death, that is becoming very popular. Although the Catholic church does not approve of the worship of this Saint, worshippers say the Santa Muerte is worshipped in conjunction with their Catholic religion. Check out this video to learn more about the Santa Muerte and see some of the cool statues the make of her.